Style Guide for The Sub Pen


There will be a two line navigation bar in the header. The top one will have the tabs for the links of various parts of the site. The lower bar will give a brief description of the link.


The font type will be Agency FB in the common font size. The font color will be black in order to maintain contrast.


Background Color: blue

Text Color: Black

Link Color: (NEW) Blue and (USED): Purple

I choose these colors for the psychological factor that they are calm colors and hopefully will encourage the reader to take their time with the info and enjoy the site.


The colors for the logo should either complement or contrast with the site colors. One is considering either crossed torpedos or some sort of submarine related insignia, badge or medal.

The Sub Pen


Images that are to be utilized will be submarine related pictures and blueprints. Personal images for the "About" page may be utilized. One will be wary of copyright issues on the pictures. Image size will be kept to a minimum to reduce load times.


Text will rely on normal grammatical rules and will remain normally lowercase. MLA will be used to site sources. Slang that is not contextually or historically based will be avoided.