Site Plan for The Sub Pen


The purpose of is to simply convey facts and inform users about submarines, their workings, and their purpose. The subject will predominantly be from the time period of World War II. In order to accomplish this one will simply organize information in an esthetically pleasing manner. Content will include submarine workings, pictures, locations of WWII U-boats that still exist, submarine museums, and bibliography.


The anticipated audience will be english speaking males ranging in age from High School and above. Location, income, and culture will have minimal impact; however, one intends to be sensitive to any sensitive to Nazi, Soviet, or other controversial topics.

Anticipated devices will include Firefox, IE 6-8, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. It is not likely, however not discounted, that cell phones, PSP devices, iPods or other portable devices will be significant enough to be concerned about considering the impracticality of doing research on said devices. The site will support low to high bandwidth.

How one will balance esthetics and usability

One will avoid burdensome graphics and speculatory comments. To streamline the site one will easily organize information in a brevitous manner.

In order to improve navigation one will provide a navigation bar. Limited media will be used, much of which will be obtained via search engines. Bibliography and copyright permissions for aforementioned media will be pursued. Pop ups on ones web site will be unceremoniously and undiscriminatly targeted, persecuted, and terminated.

How one will be unique and still make my visitors feel comfortable with the site

One intends to provide an interactive navigation bar if one's knowledge will provide. One will learn from other information based and submarine inspired sites to insure an interesting and informative web site.

Anticipated Link Hierarchy

Anticipated Links Hierarchy

Graphic Depictions of Anticipated design

Depiction of anticipated design for the Sub Pen Home Page